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Nice, but: Increase terrain brightness + contrast a little, many people think they need to have fairly low contrast textures for a realistic look but IMO it just makes the graphic look dull.
I would at least double (in x and y, thus quadruple) the terrain's vertices, use for example terrain_lod and this won't be an issue.

BTW the shadows point into the wrong direction (compare last screenshot).

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lol something was bothering me, but i couldnt pick out what it was, superku got it with the shadows. laugh should be a simple fix laugh

The sun isn't set very powerful, that probably causes the low contrast.

Lol it seems I forgot to rotate the skycube to fix the sun angle.

About terrain resolution, maybe cd_saber can do that.

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this game remembers me on mount & blade :-)

but looks good!


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Very good !
From artistic point of view, you could put some 3D assets around buildings to simulate life, or some grass , rocks around them , more things. For the moment they are just building "posed" on a simple flat terrain.
That's what will bring the scene to life laugh

These pictures are just an example , we don't ask to make another Skyrim copy, we already have it , we don't need a some "copy" game without originality !

Keep it up !

Yes, the level isn't really finished, We use it for testing code and stuff, later we will add more props and finish it properly.

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