Looks good. I`d like to see the player code in action. Maybe you could make a little video?
What`s that weird thing in the water? Looks like a television interference laugh . You could work on the lighting of the scene. Moonlight is bright light and casts vague shadows.

Oh and I could help you out with some tips about vegetation. I would heavily recomment to use something like Blender to create a big vegetation mesh. Placing the objects individually in Wed is a bad method referring to performance and stability of the engine. I had a similar problem with my shooter project a while ago, too. Change the level design method as long as you`re able to. Prevent yourself from trouble and get a better workflow! I could give you links to some good tutorials and maybe few vegeation models (for free, of course). Check out Terminal26, Loopix and Dexosft. They have good grass and tree sprites and models.