Working on a custom Path Editor:
(sorry for the bad quality tongue )
SOme Features:
-add nodes and bezier curves(which can be changed with the help of a magnet)
-move nodes over ground
-insert nodes
-delete nodes
-save path
-laod path
-give nodes up to 10 skills and setting flags(for example you can set the magnet flag and the node will be transformed to a magnet)
-change position and rotation properties
-move an entitiy along the path(see end of video)

(The path is implemented with the help of linked lists)

Want to implement an other feature, but having some problems with it
(See: http://www.opserver.de/ubb7/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=387988#Post387988)

regards, Alain grin

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