nice!, what parameters did you use? I never could get PSSM shadows look that good

Setting up great PSSM shadows isn`t that hard from my experience. laugh
You have to make sure that the scale of the level is right and the "camera.clip_far" variable is as small as possible. Scaling your level too large or too small is both bad for the performance and the result. And there might be problems when it comes to astronomical scalings like 1cm = 1 quant in huge levels. (Referring to Slin who experienced that in "Project ship"). Finding the right parameters is important.

For my level it is:

camera.clip_far = 15000;

var pssm_res = 2048;			// shadow map resolution
var pssm_numsplits = 3;		// number of splits: 3 for small, 4 for large levels
var pssm_splitweight = 0.9; 	// logarithmic / uniform ratio
var pssm_splitdist[5];				// split distances
var pssm_transparency = 0.4;	// shadow transparency
float pssm_fbias = 0.00030;		// shadow depth bias -> must be adjusted

pssm_run(3); //Compromise between quality and speed
pssm_run(4); //Quality

It still can be improved by setting pssm_res to 4096, but 2048 works good for me.
Especially pssm_fbias and splitweight are important for good looking results.