@ratchet. yes I saw it in AAA games too, but for smaller objects (or I didn't realized in case of large ones because they were made well laugh ).

normally I set as much models as possible to be static, and use _1/_2/_3/_4.mdl for lod. the last stage is usually like 2 crossing sprites (e.g. in case of trees, with the same image on all sides), but for a building a cube like thing is better with side specific texture. or in case of not important objects, I use less lods, and apply simple clipping.

alpha transition is nice, I tried, but I think it is only for low number of objects, which have the importance of nice distant look (towers, large buildings, object used as guideance). but if an object is dynamic, it is really not too costy to make a rare check... I think I will make some new tests... and it heavily depends on the actual game, how much graphic detail is important...

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