also wanted to add about the youtube video you posted ratchet... part of the problem i have is im using a computer with a single core old amd athalon 64 and an integrated nvidia 6150 all with a whopping 1gb of ram... laugh I cant get nearly as many polys in sculptris as that guy had, i could probably if i had zbrush throw a rough copy from sculptris in zbrush to straighten and harden the lines, but i dont have zbrush either:(

I rely heavily on painted bumpmaps for some of the smaller details in that character.

I of course still do have a lot of smoothing out to do especially in the face, and have already done a lot, still have to fix the bottom claws and finish the diffuse map. As far as the part you wanted as metal ratchet: its supposed to be bone like material that makes a hard armor cage.:)

EDIT: I swear I'll stop hogging this thread soon laugh

coming sorta close, still have a lot of color correction/brightening to do and small normal/diffuse map details to add, but soon its off to blender laugh

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