Rigging and animating is such a pain in the ass. Does anyone CHOOSE to be strictly an animator? To me its just tedious. Anyways, this is the first time i took the time to create automatic controls for the rig and took time to really paint weights in nice for one of my own models. (actually i dont create controls usually for client models either, i just do it with the bare rig). I really got this one decked out with pole targets, stretch joints hooked to ik chains... makes it really easy to pose. Im anxious to see him run but all i have is small level testbeds so the run animation looks wierd. I dont feel like making a whole new level just for the model.

[/random rant]


BTW, this scene runs at 29 fps on a computer that struggles to play doom 3 at its lowest settings. I was trying to capture as much of the proper shading and sillohettes as I could while using very few polys, this scene is about 7k, obviously most are in the player. I'm also hoping to keep level sizes fairly small to save polygons.

my o'rly look:

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