wow, thanks ratchet for your effort!
Your idea is great, but I think I use the single model + sprite without a border because it can be seen good enought (I hope :D)
Bag and coins for trading. Book for details of the story. Paperscrolls are used for abilities, the player can learn.
I use the border for Items on the ground and the a little scroll of paper for the mouse-Icon, that chances if the player move the mouse over the NPCs.
First time, the player should be in contact with this guys, he will get a message, that he should talk with them so he should learn quickly for what this symbols stand for.
For those who want to see the icons:
The Icons are for testing not on the right place, so don't be bemazed laugh.
I hope it's good now (I dont belive how much time is "wasted" for creating so little thinks) and thanks again for all your effort!

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