Hey JoGa, your game is developing really nicely! Here are some (maybe) valueable remarks from the video; they not only cover the dialog system (I hope this doesn't offend you) and I just wrote them down to give you some hints how to improve here and there, too:

- The main character seems to float?
- Is it right that the dark character (the merchant) with whom you are speaking with, seems to be 1,5m taller than the main character?
- I really like the inventory, you were inspired by Neverwinter Nights, aren't you? This is so great smile
- Are the character skills the one from you or the one from the merchant? Because I don't know who of the both has which money (there is only one money value written to the screen).
- The whole GUI is done really nice. Though, I had problems to read the text... I don't know, have you tried a different font?
- Is your dialogsystem already able to cover conditional and branched narratives?