Hey HeelX, thanks for your (of cause) valueable remarks, thats great!
- he does not float, but the shadow is bit bad, i think i will add a decal under him, to avoid the "floating-feeling".
- I so delighted about the working script/panels I didn't recognize, that I scaled the merchant in WED AND in the script, thanks!
- The skills are not included yet. I have to write a script, which create the purchasable skills in the inventory of the merchant equal to the player-level (as more the player "grows" in his level, as more skills will be purchasable). Sorry, didn't mention that ( 1 skill insert )
- Okay, that's sad, but maybe I attunded to the font so I will have a look for an other one Is it just the dialog or all text (the values in the inventory on the left for example or the headlines)?.
- The dialog is really, really simple because I want to tell the "real" story as audio, so the player have not to read that much and can play. (for example he have to walk a distance and as he walkes, he reads a letter as audio comment...)

I never played Neverwinter Nights except a little demo (just Dungeon Siege and D1+2). I hope some pleople forgive me, because I know it's a great game laugh
But thanks for the hint, I forgot this game, maybe I will play it now - for "inspiration" how they solved some problems in such a game.

I thank you for your comment and the time you have taken!

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