The language can be changed with a config file. But we create the tool in german.

The file formats are compressed dumbs (like the marshal dumb rxdata files from rpg-maker xp), wich can only be accessed with a DLL we write.

This is just the 1st tab of the Database from the ARC (A-RPG Creator) and not just a simple NPC Creator. The ARC will be distributed as a standalone RPG Creation Toolset (like the Rpg makers). The Curves are just a visual hint of the values per level behind each column. If you click on one of that curves, the Curve-Creator opens, and you can change the parameters for all levels or create a random curve (or a curve based on a start->end algorythm).
Clicking the samll tri-color buttons at the bottom of the charakter and face field, the Character-Creator and Face-Generator opens. Means you can use predefined/precreated Charaktersets or create a new one out of Bodyparts.

The parameters and options in the Database are hardcoded, but you can extend them by vidoque (script wrapper language) ^^

At the moment, we change positions and sizes of the GUI Elements, to create a more neat arrangement.

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