That looks massive rondidon. Last posts show some reat quality of everyone! A please to watch laugh. This thread was a good idea!

Here's my graphics combo breaker ^^.

Not much change visible with the eye, but somewhere I decided to port it over to C++. Embedding 3dgs, using Eclipse. Works great so far, but a lot of work. The engine has a loose coupling through interface. Theoretically I could switch engines without the need to touch the entire game logic. I plan to make the game playable on mobile platforms as well using Mosync. Drawing lines and text is the only graphic requirement... in theory.

Long long time ago rrrecap!
Originally Posted By: HeelX
@Joozey: Your game looks so awesome. Guess what? This lead me to the wikipedia page about airports and airport infrastructures; have a look, it's darn interesting to get to know the real stuff, that drives the real world - you might enjoy it, while getting a flood of ideas for your own game. At least, I had for a theoretical, rather realistic tycoon'eqsque game I am never ever gonna make smile --- best wishes!!!

I'm really happy to hear my concept triggers people to look into stuff grin. I got most of my "airport" knowledge from the game Airport Tycoon (2), or Airport Inc. That game needs some work especially on interaction to make playing enjoyable, so I plan to make my game solid on that part at least.
I wonder what this tycoonesque game is you talk about tongue. Thanks for the wishes!

The project is challenging, has potency in my eyes, may target a wide range of platforms and does not require much artistic skills. I might stick to this for some more time laugh.

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