Joozey, this project does sound interesting! However, I find the visual style to be almost... too busy. I may be alone on this, but the high amount of lines makes it look somewhat confusing. Could you try increasing the grid size, perhaps? Instead of a grid, you may also try to only "suggest" a grid, by using an alpha channel (or even just different contrasts) that is very strong where two lines connect, and less so inbetween.

I dunno. I mean, I like the kinda elite-like throwback? And perhaps it's not so much a problem in motion. But I think it might be worth a try! laugh

Though, who knows how much of that is placeholder art. In that case, sorry, and please disregard the comment.

Your way of working sounds pretty cool though - being able to switch engines on the fly, so to speak. Neat work! laugh

Agreed, especially in the back lines tend to get very busy (if that's what you mean). I could add transparency on lines, but I am making draw calls for each entire row and column, not separate drawcalls per gridcell. Otherwise the fps drops to 1 laugh. So transparency would have an effect over the entire width of the field. That picture is zoomed out as far as possible. If you get closer I think it's less busy, but then you have less overview as well (naturally). Can't change the width of draw calls, sadly. What I can also do is try other color schemes, and see if I can lessen it. The grid could blend in with the background more, perhaps that fixes a lot already.

@Dungeon Deities:
Neat intro screen! The style you present is great, and I guess also relatively easy to create, even for programmers.

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