You think you will share it with us?

When it's ready and bugfree (mostly) I will share it.
For now I will create a video tutorial how to implement CEGUI into your project yourself. This way I hope I will get some people to help me with some problems I have with the implementation. (UNICODE INPUT)

s it a standard dll compiled against the Gamestudio plugin SDK?

Yes. It initialise's the system and loads the design and injects the acknex input.
is the rendering resolution independent?

it can be scaled automaticly. But it is not vector based, so you have loss of quality if you are using small skins.
It's skin based.

The system has a render library for a lot of platforms (opengl Directx 9 10 11 ...) And special systems for specific engines.
To init the system you hand the d3d9 device to CEGUI, than you have to put the render procedure to the acknex render_layer event.

The advantage of CEGUI is, that it is complete and has a nice gui-editor. And I like the xml feature a lot. That create's the possibility to create real model view controller systems.

Disatvantage - it has a LOT of third party dependencies. They are all free for commercial use. But you always have to check if this change's, when you load the newest version.

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