But what I like about gamestudio is that I can create Editors like that myself with gamestudio.
And if you think about it. Its not too hard to create an Editor like that. It's just work.

I agree with 3DGS flexibilty, indeed it's a big strenght !

The problem , is that you won't find such 5 or 20 editors made with 3DGS as complete and ready to work laugh !!

And some of us are not programmers at all, or won't spend months trying to make one.

There is one in the makings, but i really prefer this one a lot and all it's features.
Visually it contains all tweakings i could search for shaders, paint, fullscreen effects and objects placements.

We had lot fo threads like : This great terrain editor can be easily done with 3DGS etc ... ok , but there haven't been made any time.
Sometimes, it has been something begun by a programemr than he abandonned, too much time consuming, bugs etc ... borring sometimes... or simply no more motivation !

And we wait for a terrain/vegetation editor for more than 2 years perhaps or more in the forecast page!
(not ot be harsh, but if we would put the date of the post of a new feature on the forecast section you would be surprised
about the time you wait or have wait for some of them laugh ) !
But i'm ok with that, no problem i don't target terrain based game with A8 and some people perefectly do things manually with MED or any other tool for terrain without a real time terrain editor !

Ok it could be done , but some of us , would just be happy right now with a working tool laugh

The video just shows the editor is here with all features demonstrated , some of us i think would be ready to pay to have it indeed.
That's the difference, the matter is not talking about it could be done, we don't care ....
the editor is ready and working and some of us i think would pay for it !

Sorry it's WIP thread, we should discuss about taht on the tool section !

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