The SüperCan editor is great, but specialized to this gamestyle and the underlying architecture.
Its a typical workflow tool for a specific project.
Its also not usable without the underlying SüperCan codebase.

Generalizing it to suit more gamestyles can blow it quickly out of proportion.
Because then people also want to have their "actions" and "skills" and import options, adjusting all kinds of parameters,
and lots of other

Wont work.
Either people need to have more restrictions to keep the workflow easy,
or have the skill (and invest the time) to adjust the code to their needs.
This editor do everything but easy idea will not work.
(Unless lots of $$ is invested wich is only profitable in a big engine)

In many cases an editor is not even needed and things should be shifted to code or ini-files.
-> if you plan to make an actual game.

There are also often requests by artists who dont want to code.
In this case it would make sense to create a specialized "scene stage"
Editor, wich is primarily used for setting up a nice scene (Objects, Foilage, Shaders, Terrainediting, Camera-movement) and
enabling the user to wander around in it.
Witout all the little restrictions that a propper gamescene requires.

(-> The editor should have a fixed set of effects included)