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About a weeks worth of work so far, still working out a few kinks.

Its a multiplayer FPS (and yes, I finally learned how multiplayer works), called Vexer(name subject to change). I am going for a happy medium somewhere between Halo and Unreal Tournament, but with a bit of my own personal flavor. I only have 2 weapons done for now, but let me know what you guys think.


NOTE: It runs/looks much better in person. Camtasia was only recording at 30fps. Apparently thats camtasias max tongue

I need to figure out a way to not allow the player to jump through the floor hahaha.

Is the echo caused by Camtasia?
I think it's too much echo effect, it's really disturbing.

Otherwise it looks quite well working already.

For recording I can recommend MSI Afterburner.