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Working on a simple pathfinding solution:

This is supposed to become a community contribution, esp. aimed at the beginners as it is very easy to use:
Simply set up WED paths and #include "pathfinding.c" and you are ready to go, there is no manual path calculation or entity setup necessary, everything is handled automatically. There are a few functions, but you can keep it simple and only use
VECTOR* ent_path_get_target(ENTITY* ent, VECTOR* vtarget, VECTOR* vresult);

If you want to move ent to vtarget, you can call this function in a while loop and it will calculate the position where ent has to move to to reach vtarget. Example:
action enemy()
		turn and move to temp!

The code tries to keep the calculations to a minimum (it remembers old positions, start- and target-nodes and checks if a new path is necessary), but if you know the start- and target-node, you can use other faster functions.
I plan to release this when jcl fixes a path_next bug.

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