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Nice. I like it. But the flag is blowing in the wrong direction. grin
An interesting phenomenon.
At 500 quants height, the wind in MED blows in another direction!

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That lower row of canons looks a little bit too low. I mean you don't want to have any water in your canons aye?
That's right! I don't want that someone takes a bath on board.
Ugh! A bath.

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@Otter :
Tht'a great !
And you could make it lot more cartoon with bigger canons also and bigger skeletton head on the ftont of the ship also laugh
But perhaps it's not the style you want to match ?
I know! Unfortunately, that let the whole ship look smaller.

OMG!! What a freaking-pumpkin head-dirty-plump-looking-whisky drunken-plumber.
It's Malleo! Obey him, or die!
How does it look like if you make the princess in this stil. =D

@Joozey: Nice! What is the story behind this? ^^

The cannon got an upgrade.
Now with more dirt, more structure and less red!
I hope this convinces the critics.


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