sivan, that's pretty cool! Looks like your secret dream project is an RTS? laugh Or is it a secret, never-before-seen game that just happens to need that kind of AI and pathfinding? laugh

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Thanks for the feedback!

There's a lot of putting things together right now. Can't say that this is particulary motivating work, but comments like those make it easier! laugh

It's just that I have a stupid way of working. As soon as the part isn't "interesting" anymore, because I have solved the main issue, I just... stop. I have to force myself to finish stuff. Instead, it piles up and all those little things have to be added in the end all at once. Take that editor I posted before, for instance. Now that this is working, I don't add convenience features anymore. For instance, I want to add an option to change the order of nodes. It's super-easy to do, with no challenge. But I just... don't do it. smirk People, tell me I'm not the only one with that problem!

Now: Encrypting and decrypting music so that it's not trivial anymore to get the tracks (and all that without pro!). I'm not pretending that it's super-secure (it really isn't), but the goal has always been to only make it more difficult than recording the "Stereo Mix" ingame - which I believe this does, for most users.
The thing is working already, and I can live with the slowdown the encryption causes, but my tool of adding new music to the library could probably be a bit nicer to use. laugh Oh well, can't have everything!

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Perhaps this post will get me points for originality at least.

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