Thanks to everyone for the comments!

The boss is the whole "shadow-wall-with-eyes"-kinda deal. Maybe I'll animate the eyes or something to make it seem a bit more "alive".
The player has an ability that allows him to summon shadow hands from the walls - I suppose we could use that art asset as well for this guy. But in honesty, we're a bit pressed for time, so I can't make any promises.

ratchet, thanks for the suggestion. And while I like the style of 3D dot game heroes, it is very different to ours - which I also like. And it is a bit late for such a big style change!
We had "hard coded" animations before, but we've replaced that animation system since. It looks good for most other characters, I feel (for instance, here's some of them dancing, but I do agree that the player's animation aren't too great yet. This perspective is a lot trickier to get right with this style, but I'm sure it's possible to do better. laugh

HeelX, yeah, balancing is still a big use here. Falling down is relatively easy at first (I've played this battle lots of times by now, so I tend to make fewer mistakes as the "standard player"), so I hesitate to add more punishment to that. But right now, it is still too easy a battle, so some tuning will have to be done.
If you fall down, not only do you lose time (which can be a problem in the latter stages of the fight, where the boss is pretty fast), but the laser will also be broken (the smoking one in the video), so you lose out and cannot attack this round. But that's hard to convey in a good way. I may resort to a simple sign telling the player about that in a room before this battle starts.

Perhaps this post will get me points for originality at least.

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