The wall seems ok to use it and make some sort of rooms or closed fields/corridors :

How to apply a normal map ?? I failed ?
I know i hhave to include "Fx" file than create some action defining : My.mat ="" ...
I'll retry ... Well ... i'm very borred to not be able to choose that simple shader and apply it directly by mouse frown


We are in 2012 ... old A6 workflow should be very far away and not here after 10 years ?? Why do we keep A6 Workflow ?
This is the very annoying and outdated workflow that makes me uses Unity for this project !

Applied the shader and textures really quickly,terrain deformation and paint very smooth and big frame rate : instant result laugh

You can add lights, shaders continue working and are lightened by them : Just what a 3D artists wants, nothing to do only add by click and adjust the lights settings !

Why A8 is so complicated in these areas and makes me loose so much time ?
Well i stop, this is not a debate , and i won't start again saying what i would like in A8 !
I like A8 for casual little things, and i know it's programmer oriented.

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