eh... it depends. What do you want to do? Since I know that Esper uses Cinema 4D I thought it would be fruitful if he creates a lightmap with radiosity in Cinema 4D and adds the dynamic lightning on top (or the like).

Lightmaps are pre-calculated textures that store light and shadow info (not to be confused with shadow maps!). It is a bit hard to combine that with dynamic lights though and there are many techniques - I would generally advice you to buy some of the ShaderX books or Shader for Game Programmers and Artists and/or Real-Time Rendering (3rd edition), since they cover most of the used techniques out there. Realtime Radiosity is not possible unless you have a raytracing engine or the like, but there are ways to fake that, e.g. light probes or dummy lights. Then, you have to decide if you do besides or instead of classic forward rendering sort of a deferred shading / lightning, which opens up new possibilities as well.

Hm... technically speaking, there are some mistakes in my post, but it is also quiet hard to find an appropriate (short) answer to your question smile