After a few days using HorusIDE I can confirm I still love it. This is an incredible and extremely detailed app.
Out of all the things I talked about in my previous posts I think the most important one would be to auto-open included files and for the defines to correctly autocomplete. Most of the other things things I mentioned I can do withought, though they would be nice to have, but the things I most feel like are missing while using horus are those two.

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this automatic include is already on my to-do list (see a few posts above).
i plan to implement 2 things:
1.) "reopen last files": everytime you close horus a list of the opened files will be stored in the configs and automatically reopen if you restart the editor. so you can continue where you´ve quit the last time. this is a basic feature of all common editors and till now missing in horus.
2.) "open include files": open all included codefiles.
together this 2 feature should fit the needs of most users.
the panel-layout is already stored and reloaded (arrange the editor as you like and restart).

That is just awesome to hear! After usng your program alot I feel that is the main thing that is really bugging me.
Keep up the good work!

EDIT: By the way I just noticed yesterday that you can drag&drop a file from a folder to the HorusIDE title bar and it automatically opens it. And it works with mutliple files at the same time!

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