Thank you guys! Feedback is much appreciated! laugh
I've watched a lot of Youtube-videos on stats-screens, I tell you that, and I keep coming back to Nintendo-Wii-videos, surprisingly. They really know how to design sleek interfaces.

Also, how did we just skip over this?!

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And it's me again

current developments:
- successfully implemented a-star path finding, so that my units will find their way to their given destination.

- composed a battle theme which can be found here
Tactics Project - OST - Battle Theme

This is just a first version, so there might be some tweaks or changes to it later on.

please let me know, how you like it.


Your project is super interesting! Forgive me for not replying earlier.
I like seeing the progress - can't really comment on the music other than it sounds good in structure, though it does sound a little "MIDI-like". I guess the samples you're using here are at fault at that.
Do you plan on making the music dynamic?
I also like what I'm seeing regarding the art and style of it all. It seems like you do have a pretty clear vision of it.
Also, I do want to implement differently shaped tiles for my game for such "cliff"-like structures, it's good that I can see that this would actually work!

~ ~ ~

There's not too much crazy progress in Dungeon Deities, but here's a shot:

Featuring: Debug text, debug lines, and a debug dungeon.
Also, I've - once again - fiddled slightly with the camera settings.

Yeah, there's still a black background, but I haven't forgotten that suggestion - the user can actually select from a few presets, it just so happens that I never really do that and thus use the standard gradient (there's a very slight gradient from black to grey)

Perhaps this post will get me points for originality at least.

Check out Dungeon Deities! It's amazing and will make you happy, successful and almost certainly more attractive! It might be true!