Originally Posted By: Kartoffel
In fact i believe that each project should have it's own topic..
If everyone would do this it would be extremely chaotic.
If used to be like that for years, and there was nothing chaotic about that! As Superku said, this could make thread a little bit more ALIVE, if we would USE the forum as it should be USED. I have nothing against sivan's posts or anyone else stuff, but let's keep ourselves a little bit modest grin And I have to say, that I really love this thread, cause each time I have bad thoughts about my projects and time I've spent on making anything, I go to this thread, to see, that I'm not alone in the boat! And that really makes me feel a bit better grin So, I still support Superku! If your project is going really fast, and you can't keep on posting updates, make a UNIQUE thread for your project, that's why "Projects" thread was created for! Anyway, same as was said above, this is just my opinion, my two cents I'd say. So keep up the work!

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