thanks all.

I just made the basic things to work with shade-c default settings mostly. there are several parameters in the water shader what can be set, including several foam variables, so it appears over (or under) a certain depth value i.e. at low water around shore (or you can use a depth texture instead of the dynamic one). my plan to make them set in real time to see what they do exactly...

if you turn off Dof, no foam appears (only if you use static depth texture), but in that case water depth looks not so nice. what I want is to eliminate Dof because I don't like it, imo distance fog is much better.

later I will deal with shade-c 0.91b too, since its water is the same (nearly). unfortunately the water shader is not lightning fast, but acceptable (but reflection, refraction, and dynamic depth can be switched on separately to check their performance cost). unfortunately in latest shade-c evo neither water nor terrain shader included.

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