i just found the problem. since you suggested that it was the you pointer that didnt point to the correct entity i decided to make the player do something visible to the players you entity and the projectile do something visible to its you entity and it seemed like the pointer was valid. because i dint know what to do about the problem i decided to try out testing the you pointers again but this time the players you entity was not the projectile and i found out why.

the player action calls a shooting function that created the projectiles with you=ent_create and thus the you pointer would not be set to that entity in the players action and the c_move instructions was in the players action and the you=ent_create was in the shooting function so i now create the projectiles in the player action and now it works laugh

in short the c_move instruction was not in the same function as the you pointer and then IGNORE_YOU didnt do anything.

anyways thanks for your time and help everyone grin