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I have the recoil of weapons revised berreits repeatedly it would be good wen you could me make an example
I could only advice you to change more TILT and PAN randomly (don't touch ROLL), depending on the weapon (also note that you have to move TILT more than you spin PAN, cause recoil should go upwards but with a little sideways movement). Set max value for TILT and PAN (f.e. for TILT 10 and for PAN 3), and randomly set their values within the range (like 0 and MAX for TILT and -3 and 3 for PAN). After each change, lerp back to zero (or lerp only when stop shooting). Add those results to camera movement and you are good to go.

Edit: I used same way for recoil in one of my older projects:
Last Stand - first test

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