So i implemented it. You can hold mouse right and Switch in realtime while firing.
Today i want to implement some gore for the working pumpaction shotgun grin
edit: Already featured: Zombies fly away when hit near by shotgun ^^
edit2: But cause of the still existing bug i CANT use ent_animatefrom with ent_morph ( in combination with decals of course ). That sucks! JCL said the bug will be fixed but...nope! In this case my damage models cant use the animations of the Zombie models. Makes me sad and angry, this is a mighty bug for my taste. And we all know that it might stay forever now...

edit3 - Bug example grin ( for code example check out Bug-Hunt section )
( not all of us are common with shader programming. means those of use [ like me ] cant fix such probs by script on their own )
() You want blood decals on your ents ( <-of course. done via [c_trace-ent_decal] )
() You have for example damage models ( ent_morph )
To be (a bit) efficient you would do the following.
Share your animations for your entitys via ent_animatefrom. Lets say we have 2000 frames in our model. Means without the bug we could have hunderts of damage-models with only 2000 frames. With bug we have to add 2000 Frames for every damage-model.
Heavy resource limitation.
Maybe some shader dude would be so kind and upload a ent_decal "replacement"/workaround ? Would be nice.

The Ramboanimation is really cool. The Impression of the face...mega cool grin
Looks like his Body is firing the bullets grin
Theres another funny Scene in Rambo. When he fires the bazooke out of the helicopter. Funny how his hair moves from the rocket air grin


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