I'm tryng to install the plugin.
I have followed the istruction

but at the and of the procedure the plugin does not compare in zorro's menu list "Account"

For sure I have done some mistakes

I have a doubt about point 2 for the second part :
"2.) Add *${yourJREinstallPath}jrebin* and ${yourJREinstallPath}jrebincom.iggroup.api.client to the front of your Path environment variable(here is a howto)."

I suppose that I should have this file
in the directory "${yourJREinstallPath}jrebin" but I haven't this file ....
Maybe the problem is this?

another question:
insise the zip file "igplugin.zip" there is the file"igplugin-0.1.jar" I must to launch before zorro? I tried but I failed frown

as JRE I have
C:Program FilesJavajre1.8.0_131bin

I hope someone can help me