Reconnoiter, BlackJack, 3run :
Thanks for your interest, and nice work on your 3D art Blackjack.

Error014 :
Progress on DD is looking great. I'm looking forward to the next beta update. Keep up the great work.

Dungeon Crawler RPG - New Design Update

Recently I have been unhappy with my current visuals, HUD and Battle system design. It was just too common and didn't have much uniqueness to it. I decided to completely redesign the overall mechanics and game visuals to get back to my original vision. (Meant to be a tribute to Arcana SNES). Also updated the dungeon textures to be more colorful so that the levels blend in better with the 2D artwork.
After reworking the foundation of gameplay, story and designing a more unique and user friendly battle system, I am finally happy with the new design and can now comfortably continue progress and start getting into some more serious development on the project.

New Title Screen :
Meet Vhan and Rue, the two Protagonist of Nightmoon Saga.

New Dungeon HUD Design :
This is the dungeon HUD menu. Next I'll be working on the players menu system and map menu.

New Battle System Design :
The battle system is now more simplified, however it is also now a real-time battle system using an ATB approach.
(Action turn-based)

Update - New Menu System Design :

Have a great day.

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