Hey! laugh

Added all the changes, but I can't really see any difference frown White lines are still there, and about event and flags for the sky material, this is how I've done it:

void sky_event(){
	//if this view is the soft depth view
	if(render_view == vDepth){
		// manually force the sky material to use the depth shader
		mtl = mDepth;

// create sky entity
void pipeline_sky_create(){
	sky_ent = ent_createlayer(SPHERE_MDL,  SHOW | SKY | CUBE, 1);
	vec_fill(&sky_ent->scale_x, (camera->clip_far * 0.99) / 16);
	sky_ent->material = mtl_create();
	sky_ent->material->skin1 = bmap_create(sky_bbox_tga);
	sky_ent->material->flags |= ENABLE_RENDER | ENABLE_TREE;
	sky_ent->material->event = sky_event;
	effect_load(sky_ent->material, "mtl_sky.fx");
	sky_ent->material->skill1 = floatv(1.6);

But unfortunately this also makes no changes..

Thank you for your time man!

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