I had watched the videos 2 days ago, some feedback:
Good video, like this game dev commentary. The hammer and the bridge are looking awesome! And a hero shader indeed.
I must say I'm not a huge mega fan of the terrain itself though, the rock and yellowish grass textures look a bit low res. Additionally, the UV looks a bit wonky on some steep surfaces. Tri-planar mapping could help a lot (at least for the rocks) but with normal maps and blending this might become too costly. (At 5:42min for example it's fine though, maybe just ignore my nitpicking.)
Overall the scene is looking nice though, when you look at it from some spot of the level.
There's a bit much movement on the water btw.
The fish are cute.

I think I can get and see the style you are going for but maybe some stylization could help a lot in various ways - wait, you mentioned this is for your portfolio. Are you working on an actual game with that scene (like the Swordlord remake/ successor) or is it a demo scene?
In case you want to create more content (make a game) I'd think the current style/ approach would take way too much time. I'd probably skip making normal maps then completely and try to come up with a somewhat unique art style which allows to pump out assets more quickly. For example simple stylized textures which you use as a base texture only and then apply various dynamic materials (like you are already doing to some degree on let's say your hammer) instead. On terrain or other things you could setup different local material properties for different areas and do most of your art with code instead.

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