Thank you superku!

I can increase the resolution on the textures, I shrunk them in size and format to make them as small as possible.

I should have tried tri-planer mapping when I was first making the terrain shader, Im not sure Im able to change it now frown It would have solved all my stretching problems (by looking at some tutorials on google)

This is a demo scene, no longer a game. I was working on Swordlord 2 back when I had a job, and I would have made it in gamestudio. But after my team was laid off, I had to switch gears, I didnt have enough portfolio work, and taking however long to finish a full game wouldnt be wise in my opinion. So I am now making a demo scene in gamestudio, so that whomever wants to, they can run the EXE and walk around, looking at the models/textures/animation and programming I did.

The hero shader is the pinnacle of my work, as it has a lot of features in it, however it has a huge production time for an asset, so I use it only for showpiece models, like the hammer tree and bridge. The rest are simple shaders with diffuse lighting and shadow mapping, no normal map shading. So content definitiely will take time to make if everything used the Hero shader. The hero shader is meant for characters, which is what this all was originally for, as I love character modelling and animation. The Hero shader has normal, shadow, diffuse, specular, glass, jiggle vertices, rim light, fake sub surface, cubic environment mapping.

Honestly, all of your suggestions are things I would have done if I was a little more proactive in the beginning. But now I just have to get this done as quick as I can. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch/listen and give feedback. Youre a gem in this community.