Hey guys,
I've been sitting on a project for some time trying to use shaders. I urgently need objects with ColorMap, NormalMap and SpecularMap like 'Dooley'.

Since the standard shaders of mtlFX.c of 3DGS do not fulfill this to my knowledge, I have experimented with shade-c 0.91 and Shadec EVO.
With Shade-c I have big problems with shadows. With Shadec EVO, I get error messages such as "ėnvalid name: sc_lights_shadowmapBlur.fx" while loading the scene.

Therefore, I would also find it great if there is a solution to modify the standard shader of the mtlFX.c of 3DGS so that they represent everything necessary.

So I tried to follow the instructions of 'txesmi':
1. I inserted the part of the code with "technique spec_trans" and with "float4 specBumpTrans_PS" into the code of the file "specBump.fx".
2. I inserted the code with "MATERIAL * mtlSpecBumpTrans" in the "mtlFX.c" file.

When I start the scene but I get error messages:
"Malfunction W1550 Cant't compile effect: specBump.fx(20,30): errorX3018: invalid subscript'postView' .... "

Have I misunderstood some of the instructions from 'txesmi' or is there any other trick I overlooked?
Can someone tell me how I can make this whole to work?

A8-Com-v 8.47.1