I have checked it out. It actually is working, but maybe it's not noticeable with all those different colored lights.

[Linked Image]

Here I took out the dynamic lights, and the base tile (which was not compiling properly for me) so it is just the sun and the box.
You can see the shiny area on the edge of the box, but the triangular areas are not shiny. You can also see the word "test" as it appears in the alpha channel of the image.

So you do have it set up correctly. But I think either it can't handle the number of lights you are using, or maybe the specular material is set up differently in yours.

The mtl_specBump is in the mtlFX.c file, and mine looks like this:

MATERIAL* mtl_specBump =
   effect = "specBump.fx";
   specular_blue = 255;
   specular_green = 255;
   specular_red = 255;
   power = 10;
   flags = PASS_SOLID;

I might have changed mine, but it should be similar to this anyway.

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