New IMGUI Template Version 2

The original imgui/lite-c contribution can be found at
Txesmi's File Browser Plugin :

Custom v2 Template Includes :
* Template source code
* 4 Plug and Play Icon Kits for images and buttons. (Includes Font Awesome PNG Image Collection and 3 Magicon PNG Icon Kits)
* Custom Imgui Window "Style Script" to customize and create your own theme. (style.h)
* All examples are now divided within their on script file for easier management and editing.
* Integrated Txesmi's File Browser Plugin.
* Also now includes a few new examples for Menubars, Tabs, Histogram, imgui built-in style editor, Grid Examples, tree nodes, progress bar, and a few other new features.

I hope the template can help others that may be wanting to use imgui in their projects.

Template v2 : New
Imgui Template v2
[Linked Image]

Original Template v1
Imgui Template v1
[Linked Image]

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