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Hi everyone, I am a new to this API and am trying to set it up with Zorro 2.15.3.

I have followed all the steps and can see in the log that the API is connecting, but I get this error: "c.danlind.igz.adapter.RestApiAdapter - Exception when getting contract details blocking for CS.D.AUDCAD.MT1.IP, API call failed java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 0, Size: 0"

On the Zorro print out, its as follows:
!Severe error occured, check igzplugin.log logfile!
Error 053: CS.D.AUDCAD.MT1.IP unavailable at this time
Error 055: No bars generated
Logout.. ok..............................................

Can anyone point me to what I am missing? The above epic code (CS.D.AUDCAD.MT1.IP) is as per what I get from the IG API companion, however the above problem persists when I tried Dalla's Asset file (post #477052, 05/07/19)

Will appreciate any help from anyone, many thanks in advance

Hi there

it seems that you and I are almost at the same stage except you are ahead of me a bit.

I can't get ig plugin to connect. can you please send the contents of your application.properties file for me to see what am i missing??

I already made a post and please check it through my profile. Thnx in advance.