Small demo vid:

Maybe this weekend i will upload a new version, but only with some small bug fixes and features.
English text and working taskbar+flying - objects, if two screens are used in Windows.

If i have enough time / and fun i also want the sheep to awake, if the window it sits on is closed/minimized/moved.
Let's see.

Started to rewrite all from scratch. Maybe ill finish it. Its like the science version of DoE. working title is DoE 2020.
Sprites are now dynamicly created at runtime with behaviour / event script (small script language for unique screen behaviour) etc.
For example a single DoE app can handle more than one moving sprite at once now.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

Features already working
() "unlimited" moving sprites / skin files in one DoE
of course not that many sprites can be moved at once with a good framerate. please keep in mind
the Windows Desktop isnt a game engine wink ...for mass moving i would have to rewrite it a third time grin

rewritten it a third time grin
() much better "framerate"
() unlimited frames (GIF)
() "unlimited" size of sprites
() realtime gravity ( if apply_gravity is used ) in all anims
() very simple script language for unique sprite behaviour <- all gone into Editor (faster and more easy)
() syntax highlight of skin def file
() autostart of unlimited unique skin files on startup
() interaction between skin files / sprites
() english text
() click and play / fast edit of skin files
() smooth drag and drop of moving sprites
() clean anims, no switching errors anymore
() hotkey to show hidden app
() sidescroller (optional with gravity), topdown and flying (optional with wnd-bouncing) style movement
() background / level drawing
() bullets / shooting spritemovers
() sounds

Small wip Videos
edit: Meanwhile a lot of stuff was added, video is outdated already, but flow didnt change much

Creating a flying and a walking Skin

DoE in action

[Linked Image]


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