Welcome to the Game Design tutorial that deals with level and model design with Gamestudio. It contains a WED tutorial section by Dan Silverman, a WED practice section by David Yee, and a MED tutorial by Enes Karaca. It's up to you with which you begin. If you want to play around with WED at once, proceed to the practice section. Otherwise, start here.

The screenshots in this tutorial were taken with Gamestudio/A6 and A7. If you're using a newer version, you may find that your editors look a little different. However, the basic methods described in the tutorial are still the same.

The tutorial section is is not a "step-by-step" instruction guide to build a level. It is a compilation of tips, tricks and other pieces of useful information gathered together in one place for the purpose of helping you design your own levels. You will be walked through the basics of everything from doing research to lighting your level and everything in-between. The tutorial is structured to allow you to take your time as you learn different aspects of real-time 3D level design. So, sit back, relax and, most of all, have fun as you enter into the world of real-time 3D level design!

Tutorial - Table of Contents

Part 1 - The Wed Workspace
Part 1.2 - Setting Up Short Cuts
Part 1.3 - Working with Wed's Views
Part 1.4 - Wed's Grid System

Part 2 - Plotting and Planning
Part 2.1 - The Beginning
Part 2.2 - Deciding the Genre
Part 2.3 - Doing the Research

Part 3 - Snap, Crackle and Pop
Part 3.1 - Use Snapping
Part 3.2 - Start Simple
Part 3.3 - Duplicating
Part 3.4 - Rotating
Part 3.5 - Vertex, Edge and Face Move

Part 4 - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Part 4.1 - Bigger is Not Always Better
Part 4.2 - Using Texture Scaling
Part 4.3 - Color Coodinate Your Textures

Part 5 - Let it Shine!
Part 5.1 - Lighting Tips
Part 5.2 - Where to Place Lights

Part 6 - Misc.
Part 6.1 - Add Little Details
Part 6.2 - Using Map Entities
Part 6.3 - Have Fun!